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BEZNext Hands-On Workshop

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Performance and
Cost Optimization


We invite you

to join the BEZNext virtual Hands-On workshop

If your organization is starting the journey to the cloud or actively seeking solutions to enhance cloud performance and reduce the cost of running applications within a Hybrid Multi-Cloud environment, utilizing cloud platforms such as Snowflake, Teradata Vantage, Redshift, BigQuery, Databricks, or other similar platforms, then This Workshop is for You! 

What You Will Learn

How to organize continuous cloud observability, modeling and performance and cost control processes for your organization.


  • You will learn how to organize continuous data collection, workload characterization and determining performance and cost anomalies and their root causes. You will determine the critical SQL, databases and tables that require tuning to meet business performance goals and reduce cost. 

  • You will learn how to use ChatGPT, ML and modeling and optimization techniques to: 

    • how to select the appropriate cloud data platform by determining the minimum configuration and budget needed to meet your organization's business service level goals (SLG) on different cloud data platforms (i.e. Snowflake, Vantage, Big Query, Databriks and different cloud service providers, like AWS, Azure, GCP)

    • how to optimize cloud migration decisions

    • how to organize dynamic capacity management

    • how to optimize DevOps decisions before new applications deployment, etc.

  • ​You will learn how to compare each business workload's actual performance and cost with modeling expectations and organize continuous feedback performance and cost control. 

Understand your unique business workloads
Organize cloud observability and performance and cost optimization process in your environment
Achieve cloud performance Service Level Goals at the lowest cost

We will focus the workshop on your environment.  


The first three weeks include instructor-led virtual lectures and performance and cost optimization exercises based on measurement data collected in your environment.


During the fourth week, BEZNext will help you summarize the results and prepare an executive report with recommendations on performance tuning, cloud platform selection, cloud migration, DevOps, and specific dynamic capacity management.

This workshop is for

IT Leaders, Architects, DBAs, Developers and Operations involved in Cloud Selection, Migration to the cloud, Capacity management, and DevOps will benefit from attending this hands-on workshop.

How the process works

  1. Join a one-hour discovery call with our experts

  2. Receive a personalized workshop plan tailored to your environment

  3. Install BEZNext software with our assistance

  4. Attend your hands-on workshop for three weeks

  5. During the fourth week, BEZNext will assist you in creating an executive report with performance and financial recommendations.

Untitled design.jpg

​We offer several options to collect measurement data for the workshop:



The BEZNext software used during the workshop will be installed on your cloud or can be accessed from our lab.

Computer Programming

Install our software in your environment and collect measurement data on-premises and on cloud data platforms if they are used.

Data Processing

Access your measurement data by our tools from our AWS cloud environment

Data on a Touch Pad

You can collect the measurement data and export it to our lab using our scripts

Person Analyzing Data

You can provide measurement data extracted using other tools or use measurement data collected in our lab

Why is this workshop uniquely valuable to you?


Organizations are rapidly transitioning their Data Warehouse workloads to Cloud.

While cloud service providers and cloud data platforms offer virtually unlimited capacity, budget constraints are a reality for most organizations. Unfortunately, many organizations make cloud-related decisions on cloud platform selection, workload migration to the cloud, and cloud performance and financial management optimization before fully understanding the unique characteristics of their business workloads and the impact of the decisions on performance and cost.

During the workshop, we work with you to organize continuous cloud performance and financial observability, apply modeling and optimization and organize cloud performance and financial control for your organization.

Failure to consider different options and the cost of meeting SLGs can result in long-term, expensive waste.

We will assist you in preparing an executive performance and financial optimization report that addresses your organization's most critical concerns related to the selection of the appropriate cloud platform, optimizing DevOps decisions, cloud migration decisions, organizing dynamic capacity management, identifying anomalies, root causes, and seasonality changes for all workloads, and achieving SLGs for each business workload at the lowest possible cost.

After the workshop, you can sign up for the continuous performance and cost optimization services BEZNext offers. This ensures you can reduce the risk of performance and financial surprises in your Hybrid Multi-Cloud environment.

For more information about scheduling a workshop for your organization, contact us:


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