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Chapter 1.



  1. Challenges of Cloud Data Platform Selection, migration to the cloud and organizing Hybrid Multi-Cloud Dynamic Capacity Management   

  2. BEZNext methodology and software tools addressing these challenges

Chapter 2.

Understanding on-premises and cloud business workloads
  1. Data Collection

  2. Workload Characterization

  3. Workload Forecasting

Chapter 3.

Problem Determination


  1. Determine frequency and severity of performance and financial anomalies, and root causes 

  2. Determine the changes in the pattern of performance and resource utilization 

  3. Comparing actual results with expected

Chapter 4.

Applying modeling and optimization for appropriate cloud data platform selection

  1. BEZNext modeling basics

  2. Evaluate the impact of expected changes, workload, and volume of data growth and new applications deployment

  3. Select the appropriate cloud platform and set realistic performance and cost expectations

  4. Verify results after moving workloads to the cloud

Chapter 5.

Applying modeling and optimization for cloud migration decisions optimization


  1. How to organize ETL process in a cloud to finish data load within allocated window

  2. How to meet security requirements and optimize Tokenization/Detokenization  decisions 

  3. What is an appropriate platform for Hadoop and Data Lake

Chapter 6.

Organizing Dynamic Capacity Management of the Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment
  1. Continuously analyze performance and Cost of Hybrid Multi-cloud environment 

  2. Apply Modeling and Optimization to define measures necessary to meet SLGs for all workloads and set realistic performance and financial expectations 

Chapter 7.

DevOps decisions optimization

  1. How to develop recommendations for developers

  2. How to develop recommendations for Operations before new applications deployment

  3. Compare actual results with expected and recommend corrective actions -  feedback control process

Chapter 8.

Predicting electrical power and carbon footprint for cloud data platforms 
Each Chapter includes exercises and quizzes.
During private workshops, participants will use their own measurement data
During public workshops,  participants will have access to the measurement data in the BEZNext lab.
If you need more information, please get in touch with us at
Taking Notes
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