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About BEZNext

Founded by Dr. Boris Zibitsker in 2011, BEZNext offers software, services and training. We assist companies in optimizing performance and financial decisions during all phases of the journey to the cloud. It includes the selection of cloud data platforms, migrating to the cloud, organizing continuous dynamic capacity management of the Hybrid Multi-Cloud environments, DevOps and predicting the power consumption and carbon emission.


We are experts in modeling and performance optimization. Our unique software incorporates ML, AI, Iterative Queueing Network Models, and Gradient Optimization technology.  


We have assisted many Fortune 500 companies in performance and financial optimization of the Hybrid Multi-Cloud environments with Data Warehouse based on Teradata, DB2 and Oracle, Hadoop environments, and cloud data platforms based on Snowflake, Teradata Vantage, AWS Redshift, and others.


If you need more information, please get in touch with us at


Your Instructors

Dr. Boris Zibitsker, Dr. Alex Lupersolsky and Khaider Khan

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